The World Conference on Education for All, held at Jomtien, Thailand in March 1990, marked a new start in the global quest to universalize basic education and eradicate illiteracy. By the experience of the 10 year period following Jomtien, the Dakar Framework for Action established 6 major EFA goals and outlined 12 strategies in the year 2000.

The Government of Pakistan conceptualized the EFA National Plan of Action (2001-2015) based on the Education Sector Reforms (ESR). ESR as a whole is geared towards addressing issues of low enrollment in schooling, educational inequalities by gender and location and lack of access to schooling. Halfway down the road, it appears that Pakistan will be unable to meet its commitment to ensuring that by 2015, all children, including those belonging to marginalized groups, will have access to free and primary education of good quality.

This report critically evaluates where Sindh (one of Pakistan's 4 provinces) stands with regard to meeting EFA goals, with special attention on how far the province has reached in terms of meeting its quality education targets.

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