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SEF SUCCESSFULY COMPLETES ITS TARGET OF TRAINING 1800 EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CARE (ECCE) TEACHERS IN SINDH AND SEF will be conducting Leadership Training for its 2600 Head Teachers on theme “Head Teachers as Change Agents in the 21st Century”.
The Sindh Education Foundation (SEF), Government of Sindh is committed for providing access to quality education across all districts in Sindh. The constant effort towards quality assurance for continuous improvement is the vision of the Foundation.
The Training Unit of SEF, has been working to build the capacity of teachers through a well planned and structured training and professional development programs since more than a decade. Every year, around 5000 teachers are trained on pedagogy, classroom management and content-based training. The main constituent of the training framework mainly focuses at, philosophical foundations, content enhancement, resource development and pedagogical strategies, derived from National Curriculum- 2006.
The Sindh Education and Literacy Department (SELD), Government of Sindh – launched Early Childhood Education and Care (ECCE) Curriculum in 2017 where themes of this curriculum are spread over 02 years for the children. The bifurcation in 02 years of early year’s education ranges from the age groups of 3-4 and 4-5 years respectively whereas, the curriculum ensures progression and age appropriate Students Learning Outcomes (SLOs).The training unit recently implemented a customized teachers’ training on the thematic areas of ECCE which encompasses 06 key learning areas as an essential component of high scope approach.
The Language and literacy (Sindhi/English), Basic Mathematical Concepts, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Health, hygiene and safety, Creative arts and World Around Us are the respective key learning areas on which the training was designed and executed:
In this connection, theories of child development and learning is an integral component of our training mechanism which provide teachers an opportunity to particularly get aware about a child’s psychology, their needs and rights leading them to a child’s holistic development and care. As the main components of high scope approach, the training content also focused on active learning practices, specific classroom setup, daily time table, assessment tools & procedures and the range of content as determined in the curriculum as SLOs.
As the skilled teachers are recognized on behalf of the strategies, they use in their classrooms to impart knowledge and create awareness, a chapter of micro teaching sessions in our trainings based on thematic content delivery via relevant pedagogies wherein, teachers are provided support and required guidance to polish their skills to manage several teaching strategies in connection with the aligned topics and its micro components.
On other hand, Sindh Education Foundation under its mandate of establishing and operating high quality schools in less developed areas is doing what is necessary to promote quality education in Sindh.
The importance of professional development of Head Teachers cannot be overemphasized for managing 21st century schools effectively and efficiently in any schooling system of the world. The Sindh Education Foundation is planning to conduct the leadership training of it 2600 Head Teachers in December 2021.
The purpose is to prepare these head teachers as the change agents of our school system. The schools are not only for the improvement of learning outcomes but overall personality development of children. The children learn to lead when they get space in co-curricular activities like declamation, dramas and sports. In order to make their learning fun the Head Teachers have to work hard with other teachers in the schools. The challenge of this century is how to blend technology into learning and face the crisis situation like the recent pandemic effectively.
The training strategy would be to bring in Head teachers to a select venue and make them learn and work in groups. Build their capacity through demos, role plays, peer learning and presentation. Show them the benefits of using technology into teaching and learning. The objective is to enable Head Teachers to motivate and manage team by setting goals, delegating responsibility, sharing vision and evaluating performance against them. It is a role which requires a strong and effective presence around a school and in some cases the local community. The main thematic area of training that would be covered with andragogy in the training is leadership styles in the 21st Century, role of effective leadership for effective teaching, multiple roles of head teachers in school (Leader, manager, evaluator, motivator, mentor and supervisor), blended learning and emergency response planning.
There will be 10 days of training and by the end of the training teachers will get training completion certificates.