Finance, Audit and Accounts Department

1.  Audit of receipts and expenditure;

2.  Coordination with the stakeholders relating to Finance, Audit and Accounts;

3.  Development of Policy and Protocols;

4.  Deduction of General Provident Fund, Benevolent Fund etc;

5. Framing, amendment and interpretation of the Financial Rules;

6. Matters relating to grants, loans,financial assistance and contribution;

7. Liaison with auditors of Foreign Donors and office of Director General Audit, Sindh;

8. Maintenance of Accounts as per Financial Rules;

9. Matters relating to Banking;

10. Matters relating to foreign debt;

11. Matters relating to Foundation Fund;

12. Matters relating to Departmental Accounts Committee and Public Accounts Committee;

13. Matters relating to Internal Controls and Compliance;

14. Matters relating to disbursement of subsidy;

15. Matters relating to Fixed Assets with annual depreciation;

16. Preparation of budget;

17. Processing and disbursement of salaries;

18. Release of funds from the Finance department, Government of Sindh;

19. Determine terms and conditions of financial help,loan and grant;

20. Any other subject assigned by the Board or the Managing Director;