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for the Establishment of Non-Formal Education (NFE) and Skill Training Centers Under Adolescent & Adult Learning & Training Program (AALTP) Of Sindh Education Foundation, Government of Sindh

The Adolescent and Adult Learning and Training Program (AALTP) is a distinct Non-Formal Education (NFE) intervention of Sindh Education Foundation, GoS. The program is designed to provide accelerated education to Out-of-School Children (OOSC) of 9-17 years who dropped out during their primary education and adults of age 18-36 years who missed the opportunity to having access to education in earlier years of their lives. The Program also caters adolescents who have completed their primary education in the past and are willing to pursue post-primary education in accelerated learning centers. In addition, AALTP also has a skill development component, which is embedded in the program design to leverage its appeal to the targeted beneficiaries to develop their skill set in high-demand trades in order to acquire sustainable livelihoods.
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