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SEF Middle and High School


SEF Middle / High School Program (SMHSP) is one of the recent initiatives that the Foundation has embarked upon and which aims at filling up the massive gap in the post-primary education in the province and raising the enrolment. Through this intervention, the Foundation has been focusing on the local provision of quality post-primary education and incorporating all the ingredients that go into making a thriving learning environment.

Another important initiative that the Foundation has integrated under SMHS program is the award of a scholarship scheme in collaboration with Dr. A.Q. Khan School System, Ibraheem Campus, Islamabad. This Scholarship is being provided to the meritorious students from Grade VI onwards up to grade XII for seven years of schooling. The Scholarship Funds are being provided and administered by SEF, Government of Sindh and the students’ academic progress and achievements are also being duly monitored by the Foundation.


The objective of the SMHSP is to gradually increase the provision of post-primary education through public-private partnerships across Sindh.


On the education landscape of Sindh, the gap between primary and post-primary education widens when the transition rate of the students increases as they move from primary to post primary level of education on account of lack of proper educational facilities as well as other system deficiencies. The un-availability of middle and High schools has been a most conspicuous feature of the education sector in the province due to which there exists a massive gap in the primary and post primary schooling.

As per the envisaged targets; the Foundation plans to enroll approximately 200,000 students under this program in next 5 years. These schools are planned to be high quality schools with a student centric and innovative teaching and learning environment wherein the adequately qualified teachers shall integrate modern pedagogies of teaching combined with better infrastructural facilities for strengthening learning outcomes.

February 2016 saw the Foundation launch the Sindh Middle/ High School Program, and it has now entered into its second phase of implementation. Since 2016, 158 schools have been set up under SMHSP with an estimated enrollment of 48628 students. All schools are required to have adequate infrastructure and educational facilities for supporting a well-rounded sustainable development of the academic unit with continuous improvement.

  • Continuous Teachers’ Professional Development

Salient Features

  • Provision of Per-child per month subsidy
  • Provision of schools’ establishment cost
  • Provision of free textbooks and additional learning material for beefing up students’ writing and learning skills
  • Merit based recruitment of Head Teachers and teachers
  • The Partner shall not charge any fee from enrolled student(s) in whatsoever form, be in cash or in kind.
  • Modern methods of teaching in use: g. activity-based/ project-based/interactive learning etc.
  • Mandatory Sports and co-curricular activities; multipurpose playgrounds to be an essential characteristic
  • Active involvement of parents in students’ progress
  • Schools will be encouraged to begin the process through zero semester for solidifying students’ base
  • Adequate and appropriate infrastructural facilities; open and well-ventilated building; verandahs; boundary wall etc.
  • Provision of safe and secured learning environment
  • Provision of basic facilities i.e. safe drinking water, cleanliness and hygiene ; separate and well-maintained toilets etc.
  • Adequate plantation
  • Library; Science Lab(s); Computer Lab(s); matching grants for labs would be provided
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