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(Our Testimonials 2021)

STORY OF THE WEEK: Ms.Preh Fida, Student of Grade X at NJV Higher Secondary School Karachi

Ms.Preh Fida, A student of Grade X at NJV Higher Secondary School Karachi, belongs to a far-flung village of District Badin. She has a lot of potential which has been given an opportunity to grow through Scholarship provided by Sindh Education Foundation, (SEF) Government of Sindh through its Sindh School Education Scholarship Program. The SEF is providing financial support to the meritorious students since 2015 which has been transforming lives of many students at NJV Higher Secondary School Karachi run by Akhuwat Foundation. Preh’s inspiring story is breaking grounds for other young female students from her hometown and from other distant areas towards better opportunities of learning and education. She feels proud as she has become a source of inspiration to other students back at Badin. She adds: “For Further outreach of the program, a more extensive awareness of Sindh School Education Scholarship program at grass root level will help in increasing students drive for scholarship.” Preh has praised efforts of Akhuwat Foundation, Trustee of NJV school system to manage the Sindh School Education Scholarship program in partnership with Sindh Education Foundation and Sindh Education & Literacy Department, government of Sindh.

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