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The Sindh Education Foundation (SEF), was established under the Sindh Education Foundation Act, 1992 as a semi-autonomous organization with a mandate to support education in the province through multifarious interventions.

The Act provides wide ranging powers to the Foundation to support education sector through a large number of instruments and support activities.

Since its establishment in 1992, the Foundation has made serious efforts to increase access to quality education for the students across Sindh especially those in the remote and under developed regions of the province.









SEF’s ideology is premised on the fundamentals of access and quality. The Foundation seeks to expand access to quality education in the backdrop of a sectoral landscape that features dysfunctional government schools, and private schools that are either expensive or deliver poor quality services.

Post 2015 Restructuring Phase: Journey from Schooling to Learning

SEF launched a school restructuring drive in 2015. This was in the backdrop of a thorough review of school performances that pointed to the need for streamlining management, quality, and enrolment. The restructuring has been designed on the framework of improved school environment, academic capacity building and modernization of knowledge delivery.

The restructuring has involved revision of contracts, mandatory appointment of head and subject teachers, and elimination of multi-grading of schools. Massive reforms in student enrolment have been introduced with emphasis on rationalization of student-teacher ratio and student-to-classroom ratio (down from 60 to 38 students per class room).

Early Childhood set ups, laboratories, playground and co-curricular facilities are being vigorously pursued. Necessary infrastructure for ICT-based learning has also been introduced. This is in addition to the provision of solar panels and hygienic environment with access to clean drinking water and toilet facilities.

Since the start of the restructuring phase, there has been a growth of 108 percent in students’ enrolment across all SEF schools, with an average of 250 students per school. This is on the back of 30 percent growth in the number of schools.

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